Jahfeeil is an artist with a passion for making music that explores a wide range of styles, including R&B, Soul, and more. He recently released a new studio single titled Find out more: http://www.jahfeeilmusic.com/” - Daily Music Roll : Cindy

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Jahfeeil Singer-songwriter

Jahfeeil with a new single titled Body

Introducing: Jahfeeil

Jahfeeil is an artist who puts so much into his music. When listening to his brand new release, “Sorry,” you know exactly how much this track actually means to him. The tone is personal, tinged with feelings and emotion, yet energetic and very easy to relate to. They say that great music is all about being able to tell a story with the audience - it doesn’t matter if you choose to do it through words, music alone or a combination of both: there has to be a connection, which makes listeners empathize with the artist and his material. This is definitely happening here, as  Jahfeeil was able to create a sound that feels warm and organic, yet direct and engaging. If you enjoy the sound of seminal artists such as Prince, D’Angelo and Curtis Mayfield, you are certainly going to enjoy the tone of this release.

Whether you are a longtime R&B and Soul fan or a newcomer to this genre, this release might be an excellent starting point for you!

Find out more about Jahfeeil and do not let this one release fly under your music radar!


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