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June 10, 2021 

The spontaneous music producer and singer Jahfeeil has composed a new R&B song ‘Sorry’ with amorous lyrics and lush percussion to fill the canvas of his heart.  

Astonishing R&B artist Jahfeeil is a legend of his own style; his quirky ideas to put forward caramelized lyricism dripping in silky R&B beats has changed the way of enjoying R&B songs. He comes from a different era and precedes the new generation with his effortless compositions and arcane melodic fusion. He has released the brand new R&B song ‘Sorry’ to keep his heavy heart afloat on the thin surface, keeping it safe from crushing it down to the ground. His innocence and potential to create nostalgia with his rending narratives have been discovered again through this song. The concept of vivid emotions runs throughout the verses, the personal commentary that runs throughout, and the nuances in each tune compliment his level of individuality at the forefront, and this is a name worth knowing. Professionalism is powerfully combined with creativity and compassion. It is a delightful experience for the listeners to listen to it at wee hours. 

Start your day with a mind-blowing, sterling music release ‘Sorry’ that is written with minute instances of an eternal connection. Jahfeeil has the familiarity of a lot of recent records that have broken through the borders between indie and rap. However, when you start getting the feeling into this song, more parallels begin to fade. The tune turns into something both hefty and smooth at the same time. First and foremost, the production is amazing — the soundscape is dense and complicated, yet everything looks to be connected and full. Many producers find it difficult, if not impossible, to adequately blend the dreamy with the hard-hitting. In this situation, though, something unique and eye-catching has been developed. He avoids any sense of pastiche in any form of his musical retrospection. That’s partly because his music features a really gorgeous pop tune, distinguishing sensational from the masses of alt-R&B releases — a sub-genre that’s rich on creative production touches and reference points but short on melodies. Follow the new artist on Spotify to enjoy his music. 

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